I am always a very friendly person and when it comes to my relationship with men, it’s extraordinary as I know what makes them feel good. They might consider me to be a drama queen but ag the end of the day be it a young guy or an elderly man, they are deeply buried in my love and also under the sheets with me. It is amazing how the independent girls in Vijayawada are so good at their work that men leave their families and come to them only to get laid but when it comes to my clients, I always find a friend first and then take them into the bedroom with me. The types of me who interact with me are varied and they never complain about how I am always being cheeky, in fact most of the times they find it enjoyable and that is the reason why when they have no one to hang about they call me up personally and offer me invitations to pubs and restaurants just for normal lunches or coffee and I never say no to them. I know that even if for one moment the invitation is casual, it will definitely bear fruit to my life and it does happen that way.




Men in my life have always been a charming goodness and that is the reason why I always interact with them in the best way possible. Also, since the other call girls in Vijayawada are extremely shy in their approach, bold girls like me stand a superb chance in this market. Whatever the issues with the person’s life be, the main thing should be that we should always approach them like friends and never be a forced burden on to them. If we try to assert our rights on the men, they might feel claustrophobic and we might lose them as a friend and also as a client. This is the reason why I believe in behaving tactfully with them and in order to gain their company and friendship, we must always be the best of friends and not their guardians. Men like a pleasant company and not the tight security of partners and that is the reason why even married men find their solace when they interact with me.




Married men are more in numbers when it comes to clients and they are the ones who really need help from me. They have a lot of frustration in their minds and when they talk to me or be with me, all that is lessened and it slowly goes away. The escorts in Vijayawada are not at all interested to know about the reality in the life of a man and they only aim in getting their work done. According to me if I don’t enjoy the work I do I will never succeed and things will be as formal as ever. But if I personally feel the situation of the man I will definitely empathies with him and then feel the like mindedness of the client. He might have a family at home, waiting for him everyday and then when he goes back for some companionship, he might get nothing. Most of the men get fed up from carrying out their own duties and they just want a respite from the mundane life. I understand this completely and that is the reason why I always talk to them about everything in life.



I have spoken to a lot of men in general about how they find life and that is the reason why I have known that even men like some sort of interaction and not just robotic work. This is where I have worked and improved myself and also I have suggested this to a lot of girls who are trying to stand out from the rest. There might be a lot of sexy call girls in Vijayawada but what makes them and me stand out from the rest is our dedication, passion, love and the personal touch. All the girls who have listened to me are super successful. It is good to be cheeky, it is good to be loud and bold and it is also good to be outspoken but it has a lot of value when people have the personal touch in them. I have built up my career in basis of this and I proudly say that most of my clients are friends with me even after years of a one night stand with them.


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